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Spiderland Weather Association - Help Needed Edit

"The Spiderland Weather Association is requesting aid from civilians to help recover the buildings damaged due to the recent atomic bomb that was set off at the association's headquarters in Allure, L. Spiderland," states the president of SWA, Lila S. Winston.

Please make donations here, thank you.

~SA Admin Kiyoko~

Kiyoko-san 21:30, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

*** URGENT! *** Spiderland WWII Has Begun Edit

It began with the kidnapping of the princess of SpiderChina, Mei Chen, on her 22th birthday. She was kidnapped by a group of dragon elites that were hired by the royal family of SpiderJapan in the Chinese city of Huang Yin. Due to this, SC has declared war on SJ. SJ has called on the help of it's allies, SpiderGermany and East Spiria. SpiderChina has declared all out combat war. It has requested the support of Spiderland, AntArctica, Azunia, and SpiderFrance. About 23 countries have joined, despite that these were the only allied countries, due to the invitations of war sent out by SJ.

Spiderland has also received the IOW from SC, but her majesty Diana has left the Advisor of Foreign Affairs, John S. Clirk to deciding whether to accept it or not. Mr. Clirk was the one whom requested the IOW first of all, as we've discovered from research and evidence. We've sent over about 100 spies and detectives to SJ to investigate. So far, we've obtained no important information. We want to keep Spiderland OUT of war at all costs, but we do not wish for a conflict between us and SC.

So there you have it. Please begin war preparations ASAP because it's not safe anymore, SJ or any other country for that matter, may attack us any moment. Those spiders who live by Diamond Harbor, Allure, L. Spiderland, begin the EWPP ASAP.

We have cut off supplies trade with ALL countries besides SpiderChina.

~ Kiyoko-san 23:42, May 27, 2010 (UTC)

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